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Terms of delivery

In all cases where we act as offerer or supplier the Metaalunie Conditions apply to our quotations, to orders placed with us and to contracts concluded with us. These conditions have been filed with the registrar of the district court of Rotterdam. A copy of the terms of delivery can be found here on our website, will be sent to you upon request for free or are enclosed with your quotation / order / contract as an attachment. Explicitly other terms of delivery will be rejected. Dutch law applies. The Dutch civil court with jurisdiction in our place of business is authorised to take cognisance of any disputes. We may deviate from this rule governing jurisdiction and rely on the statutory rules governing jurisdiction instead.


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The content of on our website published data are based on the latest available information. They are provided with reservations to subsequent amendments. We have the right, regardless of when, to modify the published data. Although the contents of on our website published data are pursued with most care, Weterings Mechanisatie accepts no liability for any errors and/or incompletenesses.


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