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New Holland TCE50 ZS1650 Tractor with tool

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The New Holland TCE50 is a compact tractor equipped with a ZS1650 spading machine which is used to cultivate very large areas in horticulture greenhouses.

The spading machine is equipped with a dosing installation this configuration allows dosing of fertilizers during spading.

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Technische Daten (Dies sind variable Daten, wir bauen diese Maschine ganz nach Ihren Wünschen)

HW-Nummer: Z021227
Hauptabmessungen in Transportstellung (mm): Länge: 4040
Breite: 1825
Höhe: 1460
Arbeitsbreite (mm): 1650
Max. working depth (mm): 0-400
Radstand (mm): 1700
Reifengröße: Front wheels: 280/70R16
Rear wheels: 360/70R24
Bodenfreiheit (mm): 405
Gewicht (kg): 2235
Dieselmotor: Yanmar (49 PS)
Gear box: 12×12 (standard), 16×16 (creep transmission)
Revs PTO (rpm): 540
Brakes: Disc brakes in oil bath
Capacity fuel tank (ltr.): 40
Zubehör: E-Start
3 Points linkage with height adjustment
Four wheel drive
P.T.O. with safety bolt coupling
12 blades
2× 60 Liter stainless steel barrel
12VDC injection pump
stainless steel spray boom with anti drip nozzles
Wahlen: Adjustable driven crumbler roller Ø170 mm

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