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WCR Scooter

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The WCR Scooter is specifically designed for towing heavy low pressure water hose in flower and plant nurseries. Watering of the crop is, especially with longer lengths of 1” hose, a tough job.The WCR Scooter rolls out the hose easily through the greenhouse. The machine is equipped with a gutter guidance system, which flawlessly follows the gutter in the concrete cultivation floor. This allows the user to use both hands for watering the plants. In addition it is possible to assemble a horizontal spray boom, which allows spraying of the crop at a constant height. The minimum width and tapered front and rear end provide good guidance of the pots and plants alongside the gutter. The four Batteries ensure high stability of the machine and a long operating time.

The combination with a Super Weri Hose Reel is a very labor-friendly solution for watering of crop.

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Technische Daten (Dies sind variable Daten, wir bauen diese Maschine ganz nach Ihren Wünschen)

HW-Nummer: 0170100
Hauptabmessungen in Transportstellung (mm): Länge: 1950
Breite: 350
Höhe: 1500
Drive: On rear wheels
Infinitely variable driving speed
Elektromotor 750W 24VDC
Gewicht (kg): 150
Wahlen: Full traction batteries
High frequent Batterie charger

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