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Manitou MT932 Telescope loader

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The Manitou telescope loaders are ideal for all applications relating to the handling, loading or installing of materials.

The Manitou telescope loaders are suitable for all kinds of terrain and for all kinds of work in the agricultural sector, such as caring of livestock, harvesting, processing of bulk materials and a range of work at livestock farms, arable farms and contractor companies.

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Technische Daten (Dies sind variable Daten, wir bauen diese Maschine ganz nach Ihren Wünschen)

HW-Nummer: 1260740
Hauptabmessungen in Transportstellung (mm): Länge: 5913 (mit forks)
Breite: 2260
Höhe: 2300 (mitout flashing light), 2550 (mit flashing light)
Radstand (mm): 2560
Spurbreite (mm): 1846
Turning circle (mm): 7548
Bodenfreiheit (mm): 440
Reifengröße: 400/80 - 24 TL 156 B (standard)
Gears: 4 forward, 4 backward
Fork dimensions (mm): Länge: 1200
Breite: 125
Thickness: 45
Max. lifting height (mm): 9000
Max. outreach (mm): 6580
Lifting capacity (kg): 673-3200
Gewicht (kg): 7640
Max. Fahrgeschwindigkeit (km/h): 25
Dieselmotor: Perkins (70 kW)
Capacity fuel tank (ltr.): 120
Zubehör: Fork carriage FEM-III
Drive with torque converter
Automatic differential
Wahlen: Various type of tires

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