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Our graders are designed for horizontal or sloped leveling of soil in horticultural greenhouses, sport fields, landscaping and golf courses. Weterings graders stand out in durability, accuracy and speed. The TW version is specifically build for use in narrow spaces, such as greenhouses. The machine is attached to the three point of a tractor, which makes it possible to lift the board up for making tight turns and driving backwards at high speed.

The grader is equipped with exchangable Hardox knives and wheelscrapers. The machine has optional independent tilting wheelsets, which makes the board less responsive to irregularities. It is pulled by a four-wheel driven tractor which is equipped with a three-point lift, a hydraulic pressure port, a pressureless return port and a supply voltage of 12VDC or 24VDC.

All of our graders are custom build due to the multiple options and various width. Contact our specialists for more information.

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Technische Daten (Dies sind variable Daten, wir bauen diese Maschine ganz nach Ihren Wünschen)

HW-Nummer: 1102200
Hauptabmessungen in Transportstellung (mm): Länge: 2277 (depending on length steering head)
Breite: 2230
Höhe: 1880 (mit Standard-Masten), 1150 (ohne Masten)
Arbeitsbreite (mm): 2200 (mit geschlossenen Türen), 2930 (mit geöffneten Türen)
Drei-Punkt (mm): Hydraulic rotating and locking
Top link: Ø19 / Ø25
Lower links: Ø22 / Ø28, C.t.C. 700 (depending on type of tractor)
Drawbar (mm): Length steering head: 1100-1300 (depending on type of tractor)
Türen: Hydraulisch verstellbar
Hardox 530-550 (unter) Messers
Nivellierplatte / Planierschild: Hardox 530-550 (vorne) Messer
Provided with visual spirit level
Reifengröße: 26.5×14.00-12 (4x)
Empfänger Masten: Hydraulisch verstellbar and tiltable
Manuell in Höhe verstellbar (stroke: 0,85 mtr.)
Hydrauliksystem: Akkumulator Pressostat System
Cylinders for height adjustment/levelling, Türen, masts and Drei-Punkt
Hydraulischer Arbeitsdruck (kPa): 120-220 (depending on type of tractor)
Hydraulikfluss (l / Min.): 20-100 (depending on type of tractor)
Versorgungsspannung (VDC): 12-24
Weigth (kg): 1015
Zubehör: Control box with joystick
CB-30 proportional dual control box
LR50 laser receivers (2x)
Hydraulik Schläuche und Kabeln
Wheel scrapers
Wahlen: Push board
Various types of extra laser equipment

Stellen Sie eine Frage zu diesem Produkt

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