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Coating pump Kubota V1505 / Hydracell G25X / PVG

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This Kubota pump unit with Hydracell G25X pump is very suitable for chalking, coating and cleaning of greenhouse decks. The pump unit is used for both manual and machine-based chalking. The high-quality Hydracell pump delivers up to 70 l / min at 70 bar, making long hose lengths no problem with this pump. The Hydracell pump is the only pump that is insensitive to all kinds of abrasive and aggressive liquids such as: chalk mixtures, coatings, GS-4, Fluorine, caustic soda solution, etcetera. If other liquids need to be pumped, the pump can be composed of other materials.

The pump unit is equipped with a Hydracell overflow valve, two 3/4 “connections for the spray hoses and one 1/2” connection for a hose or supply for a reel set. This set also has a hydraulic supply for driving of stirring mixers or a hydraulic hose reel. This is carried out by means of a proportional hydraulic valve block. In addition, the pump set is equipped with sound-absorbing plating for a low noise level and fork lift tubes for easy movement by a forklift.

The pump set can be extended to a complete chalk installation with various tanks, mixing units, stirring mixers and hose reel units.

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HW-number: 0927701
Main dimensions (mm): Length: 1600
Width: 800
Height: 995 / 1220
Pump unit: Hydracell G25
Flow capacity of pump (ltr/min.): 70
Working pressure of pump (bar = kg/cm²): 70
Fuel tank capacity (ltr.): 70
Diesel engine: Kubota V1505 (34 hp)
Transmission: Reduction
Weight (kg): 500
Accessories: Hydracell safety valve
Electric starter
Shock absorbers
Installed on support frame
2 hydraulic functions (2 × 10 ltr/min, max 150 bar)
Options: Fitted high pressure hose
Fitted return hose
Fuel meter
Hose reels
Various mix tanks

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