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New Holland T3.65 Tractor

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The T3F tractor is specially designed and built for the needs of customers who are looking for a compact machine in the power range of
55 to 65 hp for exceptional performance. Its light weight, compact dimensions and small turning circle, makes this tractor ideal for working in small spaces.

Almost all operating levers are located on the right side of the cabin platform.
The hydraulic levers are located on the right fender, for a clear operator environment.

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Technische Daten (Dies sind variable Daten, wir bauen diese Maschine ganz nach Ihren Wünschen)

HW-Nummer: 0570358
Hauptabmessungen in Transportstellung (mm): Länge: 3438 (incl. ballast)
Breite: 1430 (minimum)
Höhe: 1398, 2180 (ROPS up)
Radstand (mm): 1863
Reifengröße: Several optional tires
Gears: 20×20 (creep transmission), 12×12
Drive: 4WD with mechanical differential lock
Steering angle (°): 45
Max. Fahrgeschwindigkeit (km/h): 30
Gewicht (kg): 2200 (ROPS)
Lifting capacity at ball (kg): Rear: 2277 (Cat. 2)
Revs PTO (rpm): Rear: 540, 750
Dieselmotor: FPT S8000 (47,7 kW)
Capacity fuel tank (ltr.): 50
Wahlen: Various types of tires
Front Hitch

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