About Weterings

Weterings Machinery in ’s-Gravenzande was founded in 1940. During the war and afterwards, Henk Weterings Sr. mainly developed and maintained horticultural machines used in the Westland and environs. From the outset, the company specifically aimed itself at horticulture, because within this area there was still a lot of room for improvement.

Today, the organisation concentrates on development, production, sales, maintenance and repair of various mostly mobile machines, which are used to build or demolish greenhouses (from shovels to scissor lifts). Additionally various machines are developed for growers (from electro tractors to mobile spray gun installations). For horticultural service companies special machinery is produced for use in many different situations (from chain trenchers to shredders). Many of these machines are built according to the specifications of our clients, some machines are produced in small series.

Weterings Machinery markets - besides our own brandname Weterings - other brands as official dealer.

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