Custom-made Machines

Weterings Machinery is a specialist in custom-made machinery. Machines can be developed from scratch, or customized to your usage. We have done this For more than 75 years.

Greenhouse horticulture once formed the basis of the technical solutions that Weterings Machinery offered. Solutions that went beyond standard innovations. By truly listening to our clients, keeping our eyes open for new developments and by being a front runner in technical solutions that combine efficiency, safety and ease of use.

All our custom-made machines are designed by our R&D / CE-department. Your safety and the safety of your product enjoy our special attention. For each new custom-made machine we write a Technical Construction Dossier (=TCD). A TCD consists, among other things, of a risk analysis of the complete machine, an overview of all needed construction drawings and diagrams, strength and stability calculations and an instruction manual for the machine. After the TCD has been found appropriate (by a third party), the machine receives a CE-marking.

The production process starts as soon as all construction drawings and diagrams are completed and approved. Most parts of the custom-made machine are manufactured in our construction department. For this we have our own sawmill, body shop, paint shop and turnery at our disposal. In addition, several semi-fabricated parts are delivered to us by third parties. After the construction is assembled, the machine will electrically be wired, tuned and fully tested in our electric department at last.

Weterings Machinery stands for thoroughness and trustworthiness with the focus on quality. Innovation, high-tech and sound craftsmanship, that is the world of Weterings Machinery, the world of technics!