Weterings Machinery is an authorized inspection station for VA-keur and SKL inspections. VA-keur is a periodic inspection, which is focused on machine safety. The SKL inspection is a mandatory periodic inspection for all types motorised spraying equipment.


The strict Dutch labour law (Arbowet in Dutch) holds employers responsible for the safety, health and overall well-being of all employees. One of the main points of attention formulated in this law is the obligation of the employer to take care of the safety of the machinery and tools at all times, put at the disposal of employees.

To qualify as an officially recognised inspection company Weterings Machinery has mastered two systems. On one hand the safety system matching the Safety Checklist Contractors (VCA in Dutch), which ensures the safety within Weterings and on locations where work is in progress. And on the other hand procedures according to VA-keur (Dutch brand name).

A recognized and certified inspection company offers clients the following advantages:

  • Compliance with labour regulations concerning regular inspection of machines and tools;
  • Proven expertise;
  • Confidence of the Labour Inspection;
  • Independent inspections;
  • Clear inspection agreements and reports;
  • Demonstrable responsibility taken with occurring accidents;
  • Direct notification of dangerous situations and able to come to suitable solutions in close harmony with clients.

As VA-keur-VCA-inspection company Weterings Machinery is specialised in maintenance and inspection of agricultural, horticultural and gardening machines, cultivating machines, internal transport means, tower wagons and electric and mechanical tools.

The inspections are carried out by qualified inspectors on the basis of inspection lists, that are compliant with all legal rules and regulations. Clients receive a report of the conducted inspections, in which the inspections results are listed per machine.

Approved machines will receive a security label, which lists the date before which the machine needs to be inspected again. Naturally as a reminder our clients receive notification of upcoming inspection dates in advance and can trust on Weterings Machinery to accurately administer the inspection history of each machine.

If the interest of you as an employer is aroused or if you wish to receive additional information concerning inspection of machine and tools, please contact us. Weterings Machinery is there to help you out.


A good condition of the spraying equipment and the guarantee that the equipment is in good condition is important and will become even more important in the future.
• It ensures maximum efficiency of the sprayers, reduces costly downtime, aids traceability and increases second hand value. The cost of inspection of the sprayers is readily recovered in agrochemical savings and improved efficacy resulting from better and more consistent spray quality.
• A valid certificate provides evidence to the customers and the general public of the commitment of the farmers to keep the application machines in sound, well-serviced condition.
• The requirement that the sprayer is approved, well calibrated and in a well-serviced condition is a vital element in food safety certification schemes like GLOBAL-GAP.
• As part of the future European legislation all application equipment in the whole EU has to be inspected.