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LL500 Laser Transmitter Single

Note: variable specifications apply

...we build this machine completely to your wishes

The Spectra Laser LL500 is accurate, stable and very reliable. That makes him the ideal single person leveling system for a series of daily recurring elevation at the construction site.

It is especially designed for the construction site and remains reliable in the toughest conditions.

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Specifications (Note: these are variable specifications, we build this machine completely to your wishes)

HW-number: 7641150
Main dimensions (mm): Length: 203
Width: 159
Height: 162
Adjustabel revs (rpm): 600
Self-leveling range: ± 11 arc minuts
Accuracy: 10 arc seconds
Type Laser: Class 1
Operating time (hour): 27-80 (depending on capacity of batteries)
Radius range (mtr.): 250
Weight (kg): 3,6
Accessories: Rechargeable battery
battery charger
Storage case

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