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ACE Roller XL

Note: variable specifications apply

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Easy removal, placement, or replacement of , screen fabric, screen supporting wire, anticondensation foil or monofil. The ACE Roller XL provides an enormous workload relief and labor saving. This reel has a wider drum and more powerfull drive than the standard ACE Roller. Additionally, the XL is equipped with box girders and optionally equipped with fixed and swivel casters for easy displacement.

The ACE Roller XL can also roll up the wire for pulling in screen fabric, foil or polythene. The coiled material can easily be removed from the cone-shaped core. The tuberails fixation and the overload detection ensure a safe and stable operation of this machine. The speed is adjustable and the operation is performed with push buttons. The ACE Roller is, due to the direct transmission, virtually maintenance free.

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Specifications (Note: these are variable specifications, we build this machine completely to your wishes)

HW-number: 1231018
Main dimensions (mm): Length: 1400
Width: 921
Height: 1612
Standard adjustable for tuberails round 51mm centerdistance (mm): 425, 500, 550, 600
Speed (rpm): 0 - 100
Working speed (m/min.): average ca. 120
Capacity reel: ca. 350 m A.C. Foil, max. 150 m screen fabric (dependent on fabric type)
Weight (kg): 210
Electric motor (kW): 3
Supply voltage (V), frequency (Hz): 400, 50
Option: Remote control (HW-no.: 3975013)
fixed/swivel castors AC-Roller (HW-no.: 4418175)
Rubber tyres/swivel castors AC-E Roller (HW-nr.: 4418174)

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