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Transport mat cleaner installation

Note: variable specifications apply

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This canvas cleaning installation ensures thorough cleaning of Transport cavasses. Soil, leaves, plant residues and persistent dirt are washed out of the fabric using brushes, scrapers and sprayers. The preventive cleaning of transport mats reduces the risk of possible virus transmission via the transport fabric, especially in vegetable nurseries and breeding companies.

In order to thoroughly and evenly clean the transport canvas, this fabric washer is equipped with different, synchronised cleaning processes, which together ensure the best results:
- 2-sided spraying by means of 6 spray booms with spray nozzles;
- 2-sided scraping;
- 2-sided brushing and spreading with 6 professional wash brushes with different functions;
- constant, stepless adjustable canvas speed over the entire length of the fabric for an optimal washing result;
- automatic alignment system for perfectly straight and fold-free rolling up of the mats.

Optionally, the fabric washer can be equipped with a disinfection unit. Hygiene is an important point of attention, especially in vegetable nurseries and seed growing companies. This canvas cleaner is therefore a perfect addition to the hygiene protocol.

The fabric cleaner is equipped with various high level safety features, including a “slow-start function” at the start of a new roll, fully shielded, access doors with safety switches and various emergency stops. All drive motors are designed according to the latest IE3 energy-saving standard. The machine is UL/CSA prepared and the switch cabinet is equipped with an automatic phase changer.

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Specifications (Note: these are variable specifications, we build this machine completely to your wishes)

Item number: 2460006
Main dimensions (mm): Length: 3900
Width: 2300
Height: 1800
Weight (kg): 825
Max. width of transport canvas (mm): 1300
Max. diameter canvas roll (mm): 450
Speed (m/min.): adjustable from 1.5 - 15
Water usage (m3/hour): 2,5
Water supply pressure (bar): max. 4.0
Specifications: Fully constructed out of stainless steel
Easy to move by forklift or wheel loader
Driven by electric motors, total 7 kW, 400 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Equipped with on/off-switches and thermal overload switches
6 rotating brushes with different functions
6 pieces of spray boom with spray nozzles
Automatic fabric alignment
Slow-start function
UL/CSA prepared
Phase change switch
Options: Disinfection Unit (HW-no.: 2460007)
Deviant power supply 600V / 60Hz (HW-no.: 8664000)
Deviant power supply 480V / 60Hz (HW-no.: 8664001)
Fixed and swivel castors
Waste water collector

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