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LC1400-1630 Harvester

Note: variable specifications apply

...we build this machine completely to your wishes

This harvester is ideal for harvesting leafy crop such as baby leaf, lettuce, rucola or rocket salad. The leafs are cut off by a razor sharp belt saw. The cut height is set with a hydraulic height adjustment. The leafs are collected on a conveyor belt which dumpes the leaf in crates.

The machine is self-propelled, equipped with a caterpillar undercarriage with “lawn friendly” rubber tracks and a propotional hydraulic unit.

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Specifications (Note: these are variable specifications, we build this machine completely to your wishes)

HW-number: 1270710
Main dimensions in transport position (mm): Length: 2996
Width: 1954
Height: 1070
Working width (mm): 1400 (standard)
Wheelbase (mm): 930
Gauge (mm): 1630
Width of tracks (mm): 180
Ground clearance (mm): 80
Ground pressure tracks (gr/cm²): 210
Max. driving speed (km/h): 4,0
Weight (kg): 700
Load capacity (kg): 100
Petrol engine: Honda GX390 (13 hp)
Accessories: Hydraulic driven conveyor and belt saw
In height adjustable belt saw
Stainless steel frame around conveyor
Options: Lighting

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