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Greep Mini 120 Foliage fork

Note: variable specifications apply

...we build this machine completely to your wishes

Our series Greep Mini foliage forks are adapted for mini shovels. The range of the working width is from 100 till 150 cm and the maximum lift capacity is 1000 kg.

These foliage forks are equipped with a quick coupling system, hard steel pins and a robust top clamp with two cylinders by default.

Each foliage fork is supplied ready-made for a particular type of tractor, wheel loader or forklift.

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Specifications (Note: these are variable specifications, we build this machine completely to your wishes)

HW-number: 1190072
Main dimensions (mm): Length: 810
Width: 1200
Height: 610
Volume (m³): 0,41
Lifting capacity (kg): 1000
Weight (kg): 260
Options: Foliage fork painted in desired colour

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