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Laser control system UMC 4000

Note: variable specifications apply

...we build this machine completely to your wishes


This laser control system is fully designed for use on Weterings graders and levelers. The control is easy to operate and equipped with various advanced functions. The robust compact housing is equipped with a proportional joystick and robust switches for controlling the doors.

The system is optionally expanded with a separate control box with switches for the three-point control (fixed height or floating position and left/right swivel), hydraulically in height adjustable masts and hydraulically tilting masts.

The Trimble receivers are a great combination for outdoor applications. The Moba receivers are the best combination for use in horticultural greenhouses. With these Moba receivers, the sensitivity to reflections of the laser light in greenhouses can be reduced. This means a perfect result can always be achieved.

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Specifications (Note: these are variable specifications, we build this machine completely to your wishes)

HW number: 7645010
Main dimensions (mm): Length: 220
Width: 110
Height: 190
Manual functions: proportional by joystick
High / low / on slope
doors open / closed
Menu options for quick functions
Automatic functions: Height adjustment by laser or ultrasonic sensor
Automatic door control by sensors
Slope control by integrated level sensor
Various operational functions: Reflection controller / reducer
Shadow controller (no problem with obstacles such as steel structures in greenhouse)
Laser receiver offset function
Automatic center position height cylinders
Slope angle inverter or left / right
Automatic or manual control on one side, both sides or on level sensor
Weight (kg): 1.0
Accessories: -
Options: Control box 2 switches - three point (7645011)
Control box 3 switches - three point / tilting masts (7645012)
Control box 4 switches - three point / tilting masts / height adjustment masts (7645013)
Controller UMC4005 Multi-Channel (7645030)
Trimble LR410 laser receivers (7640268)
Moba LS3000 laser receivers (7645080)
Trimble GL422N Laser transmitter (7641121)
Various cable sets

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