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Carraro SRX 8400 Articulated Tractor

Note: variable specifications apply

...we build this machine completely to your wishes

The Carraro SRX 8400 is a reversible tractor with articulated steering and 70 hp. The tractor is track following, has a short turning radius is very stable and has a low ground pressure.
Its extraordinary versatility is determined by its reversible driving position: the vehicle can change position in order to use an extensive range of material handling equipment.

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Specifications (Note: these are variable specifications, we build this machine completely to your wishes)

HW-number: 0238400
Main dimensions in transport position (mm): Length: 3500
Width: 1060
Height: 1350 , 2270 ( ROPS up )
Wheelbase (mm): 1505
Tire dimensions: Several optional tires
Gears: 16 forward, 16 reverse
Drive: 4WD
Max. driving speed (km/h): 30
Weight (kg): 1960
Revs PTO (rpm): 540-540e-750
Diesel engine: VM (51,5 kW)
Capacity fuel tank (ltr.): 50
Options: Various engine capacities available
Various types of tires
Additional lighting behind

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