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New Holland Boomer 3050 Tractor

Note: variable specifications apply

...we build this machine completely to your wishes

The Boomer 3000 easy drive series is the only tractor on the market with a CVT, a continuously variable transmission.
The beauty of this transmission is that although it’s a CVT, you drive away with no explanation (from there EasyDrive).
A very spacious SuperSuit 4 styles cabine with standard air conditioning give you an optimal comfort combined with a sea of space.
The very advanced and clear operation panel to the left side of the driver gives a very simple operation of the trigger.
Driving the tractor is simply through a power shuttle under the steering wheel that you can swift forward or backward,
combined with an pedal which accelerate by more engine speed.
Standaard has this tractor 2 double acting hydraulic valves and a lift capacity of 1600 kg.
The tractor is available on a wide range of tires.
The tractor is optionally available with a SuperSteer front axle with SensiTrack,
this gives an optimum turning radius of 2.79 meters.

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Specifications (Note: these are variable specifications, we build this machine completely to your wishes)

HW-number: 0570299
Main dimensions in transport position (mm): Length: 3098
Width: 1480 (minimum)
Height: 1905 , 2304 ( ROPS up )
Wheelbase (mm): 1758
Tire dimensions: Several optional tires
_ Gears: EasyDrive transmission, full CVT gearbox with electronically controlled cruise control
Drive: 4WD with mechanical differential lock
Steering angle (°): 57
Max. driving speed (km/h): 37,5
Weight (kg): 1581
Lifting capacity at ball (kg): Rear: 1250 (Cat. 1)
Revs PTO (rpm): Rear: 540
Diesel engine: ISM N844 (37,5 kW)
Capacity fuel tank (ltr.): 54,5
Accessories 3-point lifting
Top link
Traffic lights with direction indicators
Options: Extra hydraulic valve
Front 3-point Hitch
Various types of tires
Front weights

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