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Bio Chopper Fully Overhauled

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Bio Chopper Shredder fully overhauled

This machine has been thouroughly overhauled by Weterings and is in an excellent condition, ready for the next 2000 hours.

- Year of construction: 2001
- Working hours: 2260
- Main dimensions in transport position (mm): Length: 2358
- Width: 1830 (without conveyor), 2420 (with conveyor belt)
- Height: 1935
- Wheelbase (mm): 1309
- Gauge (mm): 1170
- Width of tracks (mm): 230
- Ground clearance (mm): 233
- Ground pressure caterpillars (gr / cm²): 515
- Max. driving speed (km / h): 2,5 (normal mode) / 4,7 ( fast mode)
- Shredding capacity (m² / h): 2500-5000 (depending on the circumstances)
- Max. length of transport mat (m): 160
- Diesel engine: John Deere 4045TF280 (56 kW)
- Own weight (kg): 3100
- Including: lighting, iron detector, tension spring for diabolo roll, conveyor belt (2,4 m) with retracting/extending cylinder.

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Ask a question about this product

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