New model Mega Bio Chopper crop shredder on its way to the USA

First new model Mega Bio Chopper shipped towards Coldwater (MI), USA. This shredding machine is especially designed to remove and shred horticultural crops such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. The new engine meets the highest emission standards and is for 97% à 98% clean, which makes it possible to remove and shred the crop while the new (interplant) crop is already in the greenhouse. The machine enables working from both sides of the machine by pulling tarps on which the plants are placed.

An optimal metal detection system prevents damage to the knives in the machine. The shredded crop waste is dumped into the buffer which is attached to the machine. This Mega Bio Chopper is supplied with two 2.200L hydraulic containers for a continuous workflow.

The machine meets the highest required safety rules and standards. An average shredding capacity of 4.000 – 12.000 m2/hour, makes the Mega Bio Chopper suitable for contractors and large nurseries.