Change of management at Weterings Mechanisatie

After 40 years of passionate entrepreneurship Richard and Igno Weterings handed over the baton to the next generation. The new management board consists of Nick Weterings, Fabian Hertogh and Rob van den Berg.

Nick is the eldest son of Igno and has been in permanent employment after finishing his technical education (MTS-WTB) in 2004. In the first years he gained a lot of experience in the workshop to grow into a sales representative in 2011. Meanwhile, Nick has become a familiar face among our clients, with great experience in sales and trade of our comprehensive product range. Fabian is a cousin of Richard, Igno and Nick. Fabian also grew up within Weterings, partly because he lived just a few steps away from the company. Fabian graduated at the Technical University Delft in 1996, to take on the engineering at Weterings from then on. Through the years many innovative machines have been created by Fabian. Rob van den Berg joined the company in 2011 to give the innovation an extra boost together with Fabian. After his Engineering / Product development studies at TH Rijswijk, Rob expanded his knowledge at various companies. Over the recent years he deployed himself to engineering and the professionalisation and expansion of the commercial activities.

Richard and Igno will remain active within the company in the next few years to phase out and thoroughly hand over all of their tasks. We have every confidence that this fresh wind guarantees the continuity of Weterings, so that we can continue to provide the service, quality and innovation ability you expect from us.